Oil Boiler Installation Based in Newark

We understand the demand for a highly efficient boiler solution with the cost of living steadily rising. A key factor in facing the battle against rising living costs is energy efficiency within the household. A great way to reduce your running costs is to get a top-quality oil boiler installed.  Oil boilers are extremely energy efficient as they only heat water on demand rather than having a stored backlog. Not only does that reduce energy output but it saves on the amount of fuel required. Running costs of an oil-fired boiler are typically significantly lower than electric boilers.

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Oil Boiler

Our Oil Boiler Installation Services in Newark & Lincoln

We understand the stress that is associated with getting a new boiler, even more so with an oil boiler as they are not quite as common as your traditional setup.

Our fully OFTEC registered heating engineers will guide you through the process of selecting the best boiler for your home and will also install and test it to ensure that it is working to its maximum potential.

Whether you need a brand new boiler or your old one replaced, Hydra Gas & Heating engineers are ready to help.

Benefits of Oil Boilers?

 Extremely Energy Efficient

Oil Boilers are extremely energy efficient as they only heat water when you need it, rather than having a stored backlog. As well as reducing total energy output, it also saves on the amount of fuel required.

 Lower Running Costs Than Electric Boilers

When it comes to oil burners, running costs are significantly lower than electric boilers. On top of this, oil is more fuel-efficient than gas - giving a good return on you'r energy spending.

 Freedom to Change Supplier

Oil boilers give homeowners more freedom to switch suppliers at any time as there aren't any contracts in place with a mains gas supplier.

Why Choose HydraGas to Install Your New OIL Boiler in Newark?

Here at Hydra Gas our oil engineers have over ten years of experience as well as being OFTEC registered. This means we are fully qualified to fit gas and oil boilers. You should only ever use OFTEC registered heating engineers to do work on your oil boiler, using an unqualified engineer may put you and your property at risk.

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