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At HydraGas, we believe in the highest standards of customer service when it comes to boiler servicing. Our gas safe engineers value reliability, good workmanship and a personalised, friendly service - this is a core principle and has been key to our growth and the reason why we have so many happy customers return to us again and again for their annual boiler service whether that be a gas boiler, electric or oil.

Please note that many boiler warranties only remain valid if the boiler is serviced every year so make sure you have this completed for your peace of mind. 

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Our boiler servicing in Newark & Lincoln

In the cold winter months, it is essential that your boiler is working to its maximum efficiency to keep you warm and your water hot. Having your boiler serviced in the spring or summer by a fully qualified gas engineer is the best way to ensure your boiler keeps working safely and efficiently. Having your boiler serviced yearly significantly reduces the likelihood of it breaking down, saving you money and time in the long run. It can help prolong the lifespan of your boiler so will help you get your money's worth before it has to be replaced.

What we include in a boiler service

When we service your boiler, we'll do so thoroughly and to the manufacturer's specifications. During our service of your boiler, you can expect our engineer to:

  • carry out a visual inspection of the boiler
  • check the flue
  • check the operating pressure and/or heat input
  • check safety devices
  • check case seals
  • check all major components (such as the burner and heat exchanger)
  • fire the boiler to see if there are any faults
  • clean boiler parts if needed
  • complete a report listing everything we have checked and completed

Why do I need to have my boiler serviced in Newark and Lincoln?

Your boiler should be serviced, once a year. This not only guarantees that it will continue to function effectively and securely for the next year, but it also validates any manufacturer's warranties you may have on your boiler. Regular boiler maintenance decreases the probability of a breakdown and increases the life of your boiler. 

Annual gas boiler services keep you and your family safe and healthy. Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur in anyone who has fuel-burning equipment in their home. Most people are unaware they are being poisoned because this lethal gas has no odour, colour, or taste. Annual boiler servicing ensures that the fuel is used safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

For the elderly, the frail, and those with small children, having a running boiler is vital in colder months. While most people find a broken boiler inconvenient, for others, a lack of heat and hot water can have serious health and financial consequences. Everyone, not just homeowners, must keep their boilers in good working order. Landlords must obtain a gas safety certificate and ensure that their boilers are operating safely. A boiler service is essential once a year and is a low-cost component of maintenance to perform on your household. Book yours today by clicking the button above or giving us a call on 07771 626584.

Benefits of getting your boiler serviced annually

It's essential you identify problems at the source and not let them grow into larger, more costly issues to fix. When you get your boiler serviced annually, it brings a variety of benefits:

  • Identifying problems early
    Identifying any small problems before they turn into larger more expensive issues. This will save you money in the long run and keeps your boiler running safely and smoothly.

  • Saving money on energy bills
    Having an annual service could save you a significant sum of money in the long run. If your boiler isn't working properly it could mean that you are spending far too much money on your energy bills each month without realising it. Having your boiler checked frequently will mean your boiler doesn't have to work as hard, using less energy thus saving you money.

  • Insurance
    Some home insurance policies have strict policies written into the contract such as the requirement to have an annual boiler service. We tick that box.

Why choose HydraGas?

"Fabulous service from Cameron , who came to carry out another yearly service on the boiler. He is punctual ,honest & reliable and always gets back to you either via text / phone Definitely recommend 👍"

At HydraGas, our heating engineers believe in doing a proper job and not cutting any corners. With our keen eye for detail, you can rest assured that if any issues do arise, we'll be able to identify and act accordingly before it becomes a bigger problem.

With over 10 years of working in the trade, our gas engineers have a good amount of practical experience under our belt. We can confidently service all makes and models of gas boilers. 

For full peace of mind, please note that our gas & oil engineers are Gas Safe & OFTEC registered, meaning that we are fully qualified to carry out work with gas & oil boilers. This is a legal requirement because it is very unsafe to have someone incompetent do any work on boilers. Please feel free to ask our engineers to see their Gas Safe or OFTEC ID card upon arriving at your property, they'll be more than happy to show this to you. 

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 OFTEC Engineer in Newark

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